Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In The Yard Today

I have been working on digging a new 12 by 18 garden bed in the sunniest part of our yard. I'm only half way there, so no pictures yet. It's just been too hot to work out there for long. But stay tuned- work progresses! It has to- I have way too many plants that need to go in the ground still! Meanwhile, here's what's going on in the yard today.
The front roses are blooming
The side roses are blooming
and so is the clematis
I've been patiently (not patiently) waiting for the onion flowers to open. Do you see the first two?
The first Roma tomato 
A Lantana that is usually bicolor
This riot is the Russian Red kale seed pods that fell over due to the sheer weight of the pods. This plant is massive and survived our crazy winter completely unprotected.
Do you see the bumblebutt hanging out of the Hosta flower?


  1. Beautiful photos Maggie! I haven't been to your blog before but thankyou for coming to mine. I am not sure if you have the same fittings as we do in Australia, but I am sure you could find something suitable to catch the water from a sagging plastic roof!
    Happy gardening,

  2. Beautiful! I love this time of year. Your kale plant looks like the radish plant I'm saving for seed.