Saturday, August 21, 2010

In The Garden

It is totally cool to be able to toddle into the backyard and come back with dinner. THAT'S food security.

It seemed like it took forever for the tomatoes to set fruit. Now, the plants are loaded with fruits. I've been harvesting paste tomatoes for a while now, but no slicers. Yesterday I spied my first Cherokee Purple nearing ripeness (not pictured here). Woohoo! (Next year: blow off school and get the garden in on time!)

I've started planting the fall garden. This is broccoli. I have more to put in, but nowhere to plant it! Time to expand the garden again.

It will be a race to the finish to see if the melons have time to ripen. I was feeling pretty confident until today, when I noticed some kind of borer damage in the melon patch. Go melons, go!

These Echinacea have had a hard summer. Something has been eating the petals. This was actually the first time I saw them more with petals than without since I planted them in late spring.


  1. I do love being able to send hubby to the garden and then prepare some of the best food we have all year! We have had some really awesome green bean dishes this summer. And the zucchini has been plentiful. I have lots of good zucchini recipes. Our early tomatoes were the worst we have ever had. Way too much rain. Now the ones we planted late are ripening and they are much more to our liking. I love tomatoes on toast. Hubby eats tomatoes for every meal-even breakfast. For him there are 2 seasons---tomato season and NO tomato season. LOL ★Linda★

  2. All your hard work is paying off! It's wonderful to see. I've had a lousy tomato year. I've had lots of them, but blight rots them from the inside out so there's been a lot of loss. I need to research that and see if I can do better next year.

  3. Linda, How are you preparing your green beans? That is the one thing I have TONS of. Feel free to send your zucchini recipes this way too. :) I didn't get any in this year, but there's always next year!

    Leigh, I think much of the country has had a lousy tomato year. Except New England! So sorry to hear you were hit by blight! How disappointing...

  4. LOVE your bowl of fresh garden veggies ~ they are the best, aren't they??!! Happy WW!