Sunday, March 14, 2010

Real Food Challenge Week 2 Recap

Well, this week has been difficult. I have had project deadlines out the wazoo and a touch of some sort of spring yuck. It never developed to a full-blown flu like I get each spring; but it was enough to slow me down. The combination of deadlines and yuck knocked me off my game a little bit. I did really well at sticking with the program for dinners. And I did a pretty good job of planning ahead for them as well. But lunches kicked my butt this week. We ate out several times because there either wasn't anything to prepare quickly for lunch in the kitchen,or because we were out when we were overcome by hunger. The Boy was loving it. But I was not. Yesterday I picked up stuff for lunches, so hopefully week 3 will not be as disappointing in this regard.

There is good news too. I picked up my first order from the new buying club. I am happy with the quality of the food. The eggs are better than those I have been buying a little more locally, and the chicken is half the price with a higher confidence level on my part with regard to the way it was raised.

Also, I finally got my seed starting shelf set up in the basement with the help of The Boy. I have to hide it in the basement because otherwise the naughty kitties who live here will curl up on top of my seedlings. Apparently, seedlings are tres comfy.

And last, but certainly not least, I lost four pounds since cutting back on processed foods. This is a minor miracle considering that the last several years have been filled with me doing exactly what the doctors said to do and steadily continuing to gain weight. Huh.

My goals for the coming week include continuing to work on meal planning and continuing the garden prep work if the rain lets up. I'd really like to get some seeds in the ground! I'll also start more seeds inside to transplant later. I'd like to try something new in the kitchen, but with so many deadlines looming it isn't likely to happen.


  1. I'm hoping to try to grow something edible this year! I tend to kill plants and have never grown food before, so it will likely be a disaster, but I'm reading up on vegetable gardening in Illinois to try and figure it out! I'll be sure to hide my seedlings if I do any indoors - I have 3 kittehs that would likely sleep on them, too! (or eat them!)

  2. Having goals helps so much. I'd get nowhere if I didn't have any. Setbacks are a part of life it seems. At least you see them as detours rather than the end of the trip.

  3. I'm easing myself into this as well, but have managed to avoid buying anything with an ingredients list for about 3 weeks now, at the very least.