Saturday, May 22, 2010

Felix Update

Two things have been happening in my household lately. We've been alternating fussing over Felix and working to get the garden in. I've waited to post an update on Felix because, frankly, I didn't like the news I had to post and was holding out for some better news. And yesterday I got some!
Felix testing out his new window seat

The news we got at the Wednesday re-check appointment was not good. Plus, Felix had vomited a couple times that day after having not done so for nearly a week. His hematocrit was 18%, which is the level they consider the lowest it should go before triggering a blood transfusion. However, this was actually a slight improvement for Felix from the previous check. Unfortunately, his protein level had dropped, suggesting internal bleeding. The vet thought Felix had probably developed an ulcer from the meds. I was also distressed to see that he had lost more weight, although I tried not to freak out because I don't actually know how much he weighed when he left the emergency clinic. Our vet added three more meds to our routine and scheduled a Friday re-check appointment. *sigh*

Our Friday appointment gave us cause for celebration. Finally! The hematocrit was up to 24%, which is closing in on the 30% considered normal for cats. The protein level was up, suggesting the ulcer was healing. And the scale said Felix had gained .2 lbs. The vet said that was not a big deal because it may have been fluctuation between scales. But I am choosing to ignore her and hold onto the idea that he is gaining. He is starting to feel as if he has gained a little and right now that's just what I need to believe. We were able to begin the process of trimming back some of the meds, which Felix and I both appreciate lots. The poor guy has started drooling uncontrollably if he suspects I'm thinking about medicating him, and by the end of the process we are both soaked. It's not a lot of fun for anybody, but- with the exception of the time he left a nail embedded in my palm- Felix has been pretty good about this process. He continues to need to be isolated from the general household population, although we have allowed his sister supervised visits, and one night we booted everybody else (dogs) out of the den and brought Felix in for a change of scenery. We also sprung for a window seat, which is positioned overlooking a bird feeder and a bush with a robin's nest in it. This has been a hit so far and was well worth the price.

I would like to express tremendous gratitude to all of you who have come in from the cat blogosphere (which I previously didn't even know existed) and especially to Leigh, who alerted the cat blogosphere, and offered your support and encouragement. It is a strange thing, but I feel an almost eerie calm about having invested so much to save Felix. I think it's because I know that it was the right choice. Now, I need to trust that somehow the money will work out in the end, while also working to make that actually happen. Just knowing that there are others out there who understand why I did it has been incredibly reassuring. And I thank you for that. And Felix does too.


  1. All the best to you, Felix...
    I got to know about you from the CB... and stayed on to read how you were doing.


  2. Hang in there Felix!

    2 things to make you both perk up, and smile!

    The 1928 song =

    The famous TV Show Theme Song =

  3. That Haemocrit result is a brilliant improvement. It sounds like Felix is really moving in the right direction, bless him. He must have really enjoyed the change of scenery.

    It's great that you are feeling more relaxed too, that will make nursing him easier. When a cat has been so poorly, even tiny improvements mean a lot.

    Wishing Felix a speedy recovery

    Rumbly purrs

    & Gerry

  4. This is great news! I have to admit that the Cat Blogosphere was my greatest support both when Rascal was diagnosed with Feline Lymphoma, and when Catzee disappeared. I'm so thankful they've been able to offer that to you and Felix too.

  5. HAng in there Felix, you will good as new soon. Still purring and praying for you to get well. One day at a time, keep us posted fur friend.

  6. Well we are behind so I am hoping that the news is still good for Felix! It is always good to believe your own feelings and not always just trust the vet - yes they are trained and know stuff but you know your cat because you are with him every day. If it feels like he might have gained then my guess is that he did - we went through that with our kitty Floyd when he was sick, and go through it with Kirzon too. We are still sending lots of purrs and prayers for Felix to get better!!

  7. Thanks so much, to all of you. At this point, we are dealing with two separate problems. The first,of course, is the autoimmune issue. Thankfully, the treatment for this seems to be working well. I really do think Felix is putting on weight. He felt boney when we retrieved him from the emergency vet, and now he is filling back out. His fur feels better too. But, the second problem is a respiratory infection he picked up. On Friday, we finished the doxycycline he was on. Because of the other meds he is on (including amoxicillin, often used for respiratory probs), and his progress, the vet did not think we needed to refill it. But since Friday, Felix has been "snottier" (not in attitude) and sneezier. And his nose is still warm and dry instead of his usual cold and wet. This morning I heard him wheeze as he lay in the sun. So, we've added back the doxycycline. Here's hoping it helps!

  8. hi there..Felix is in my prayer and hope everything will turn out better for him.. Be strong and I'm sure he will be better soon..

    prayers and hugs,
    jimbo and family

  9. We are very glad to hear of Felix improvement. We will keep him in our purrs!!!

    Hang in there Felix!!!!!!! Kepp eating and being a good boy taking your meds so well!