Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Got Chocolate?

Kristen at Rage Against The Minivan posted these videos today. You may have (hopefully) read about this issue before. But this series of short videos (there are five in all) really sheds light on the reality of cheap chocolate. It also highlights the illogical and immoral sense of entitlement to inexpensive indulgences that seems to pervade US consumer thought. I hope you'll watch these videos and then come back and share your thoughts here.

And then here, here, and here.


  1. Shocking as these are, in some ways they are not surprising. They really grieve my heart and of course, are making me re-think our use of chocolate. And as much as I hope and pray for things to change, I've sadly come to realize that all the laws, embargoes, etc., don't change the real problem, which is the self-seeking condition of the human heart.

  2. I agree, Leigh. But I also think that change needs to come from both directions. Consumers have a responsibility to consider what they are supporting when they spend their money. And consumers have the capacity to empathize because they're real people. Corporation, on the other hand, are not real people (which is why I am personally soooo opposed to them being able to dump truckloads of money into political campaigns). Corporations are all about profit- regardless of what they advertise. Corporate community projects are designed to sell more by generating consumer good will. So, I think there is a role for government in setting rules for corporations because corporate self-policing is notoriously poor at maintaining accountability.

  3. I had no idea! It does not surprise me though. Cheap labor is essential for corporations to make their insane profits. I haven't watched the videos yet, but did click the link and found the "Truth about Chocolate" (title?) article. So, no more Hershey products in my shopping cart until the company gets its act together. I'll also research what are okay brands to purchase. Thanks, Maggie, for the post and for awakening me to the problem.