Sunday, February 14, 2010

28-Day Real Food Challenge- Week 2 Recap

Well! I felt like quite the slacker in the Real Food Challenge this week after a grueling Week 1. This second week was more education, less to-do list. The easier pace was welcome here since we're still adjusting to the changes we made in Week 1.

The lesson for Day 8 was all about fats for high heat usage. The only oil on the list that I've been able to locate is palm oil, so that's what I've been using. At first, it seemed a little odd to scoop solid oil out of a container. But I find I actually like the palm oil. I would really like to try coconut, but have not been able to locate any sold near me.

Day 9's lesson was on resisting GMOs. This is an issue already near and dear to my heart. I had actually already sent in my letters on the GMO alfalfa issue.

On Day 10 we covered fats to eat raw. I'm using olive oil and butter. In fact, olive oil, palm oil, and butter are the only fats in my kitchen right now.

Day 11 brought instructions to bake some sourdough with the starter we started in Week 1. I had already done this the day before and eaten it with the dipping sauce I whipped up. (Oooh, so yum!) The bread turned out great, but the baking method needs a little work.

On Day 12 came encouragement to find real milk. Raw milk is illegal here. I would buy it if I knew who to ask (ssh, don't tell "the man"!); but so far, I don't. I have found local, grass-fed dairy products and feel good about buying them in the mean time. They are wonderful!

Finally, the lesson for Day 13 was about getting your bacteria. We frequently have yogurt and sometimes kefir (milk) in the house. I'd really like to try water kefir, but I haven't found anywhere local to buy some. Ditto for kombucha. I'm the only person in my house with a taste for sauerkraut- but I've been reading about making it and plan to give it a try. So I'm especially excited to find more about this is coming up next week in the challenge.

The 28-Day Real Food Challenge is hosted by Jenny at Nourished Kitchen. Thanks for all you're doing for us, Jenny!


  1. You've already baked bread? You are awesome! Looks like you are doing really well with the challenge.

  2. I think you're doing tremendous! Palm kernel oil is actually relatively hard to find around here. I am SO excited about the upcoming week though, ferments are my favorite part of traditional foods. Wek #1 was pretty intense, and I thought everyone could use a little more laid-back week for week #2.

  3. Marcella, my second loaf is rising as I type. I need something different to bake it in/on. The first loaf stuck to the pot it baked in, but it tasted fantastic.

    Jenny, Thanks for stopping by! The palm oil was hiding in the baking supplies isle in a tiny section of organic foods.