Monday, February 8, 2010

Food Crime & Punishment

I hate to admit, one week into the Real Food Challenge, that I screwed up big time. But I did. It was, after all, the Super Bowl. I allowed each of us to choose a forbidden food to enjoy during the game. The boy chose his weird faux cheese things and the girl and I had Cool Ranch Doritos. This was a mistake.

In my former life I enjoyed this same snack numerous times. But apparently my body didn't and I just never realized it. Now that we've been off the junk for a little while now, my body put its foot down in no uncertain terms.

I had prepared a hearty, real foods dinner. None of us really ate all that much of our snacks. But the little I did have was enough to trigger a really bad time. Shortly after I gave up on the Doritos, I realized that the roof of my mouth was covered in blisters. Huge blisters. Painful blisters. Then, my medication free joints- which had tolerated shoveling snow just fine- kept me awake until, very early this morning when I gave in and took an anti-inflammatory. The joints are mostly over their tantrum tonight. But the roof of my mouth still feels like I just this minute bit down on a way-too-hot slice of pizza. Lesson learned. And let that be a lesson to you! Rating: not edible!


  1. Ooooh, I can just imagine your salt burned mouth and how bad it felt! My cinnamon roll bloated feeling isn't great either, but I can imagine that overly salty feeling!

    At least that's all it takes to remind us, huh?

  2. You know, it was a real eye-opener just how bad I felt after eating just a few (really!) doritos. Today the kids and I talked a little about the foods we miss. My daughter is totally on board; my son, not totally but not really fighting it either. We've been experimenting a lot to try to find new foods to love and to expand our menus. It's a process.