Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day

I took a snow day from posting yesterday due to "Snowzilla." This picture is the view out my front door. All that arrived Friday night through Saturday. The hairy looking mess of twigs to the right? That's a japanese maple that is just hating life right now. The random green bits dead center? My rosemary plant. The two tiny twigs just below and to the left of that red truck? Rose bush, desperately attempting to send up a flare. The snow depth mid-ground to the left of the rosemary is actually how deep it is from the ground up. There was a little drifting, but there's still at least 30 inches of snow out there. I had to force open the back door and shovel a trail to the yard for the dogs. The snow out back is deeper than our golden retriever is tall. I love snow. But man, we did lots of shoveling yesterday!

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