Saturday, February 20, 2010

Comment Form Issues

Yesterday, some people (including myself) had trouble submitting comments on my blog. I found that resubmitting after receiving the error message worked to get the comment through. I have no idea why this is happening or how to correct it, but I value your comments so please don't give up! If you just can't get the comment form to work, please email me here. Thanks!


  1. Hey Maggie!
    You asked about taco seasoning...I typically will use just some cumin, but I have made my own from scratch. I usually make quite a bit of it and keep it in a pint size canning jar.
    And remember, even if your kids don't learn a whole lot before they leave the me...they will come a callin' when they do want to! My older kids call me several times a week for advice on a recipe or something new they might want to try!

  2. Cindy, Thanks for the update on the taco seasoning. You know, as I type this it just occurred to me that I could just check the ingredients on the prepared stuff I used and subtract all the ingredients I don't recognize as a spice. Duh. Stress- it turns my brain off.

    That's really nice (and encouraging) that your kids check in with you frequently for advice. My family of origin is not really like that; but I do think I'll have that kind of a relationship with my kids when they leave home, because I have it with them now. :)