Thursday, February 25, 2010

Easy Dinner: Salmon, Squash, Spinach

Today, in the course of conversation, I was asked if I had any pictures of the food I've been preparing since starting the 28_day Real Food Challenge. (I'll leave it up to your imagination to determine what sorts of conversations can produce the question "Do you have any pictures of your food?" Actually, let's make a game of it! Post your guess scenario in the comments for a chance to win my undying gratitude.) Anyhoo... the question prompted the realization that, despite starting this blog in order to track and support my goal of shifting my family to a real foods diet, there are, in fact, few photos of food. Huh. I had to think about why that is a little bit, and the answer that came to me is because I've been sort of frustrated in the kitchen lately, so I suppose I haven't been inclined to record that in photos. I mean, seriously, how many photos of "I tried to make.... but this is what it turned out as...." do you want to see?

But tonight I fell back on an old favorite and am gracing you with this riotously exciting photo of it. I love yellow squash, much to the chagrin of The Boy. Don't ask me where this squash came from. I didn't even read the label to find out. Perhaps I didn't want to know. After all, I grew up calling this 'summer squash' and it is hardly summer in this hemisphere. I could eat this stuff all day cooked briefly in a little butter, salt, and pepper.

Spinach is another of my favorite. I will eat spinach almost any way you could think to prepare it. Except, possibly, souffle. The idea of a green souffle just seems wrong to me somehow. I'm not sure spinach is supposed to be that light and fluffy. I think of spinach as a 'workhorse' veggie, so spinach as a souffle seems kinda like putting a dress on a mule to me. But I digress... Tonight's version involved just a little butter and garlic.

The salmon, which I ordinarily would do in a pan but couldn't because the frozen piece of fish was too freaking long to fit in my pan- thank you very much Safeway, I had to do in the oven under the broiler. This recipe really works better in the pan. The salmon cooks on top of a bed of diced tomato with basil, garlic, and oregano (I admit it; it came from a can tonight), black olives, and diced onion. Usually I spoon the veggies over the salmon before serving, but I forgot because I was trying to remember to take the photo and apparently I can remember only one thing at a time. But! This way of preparing salmon is really yummy, so I highly recommend it!

Easy peasy. Just the way I like it. Now how about those scenarios?

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